Pricing – Apple River Hunting Preserve(no membership needed)

Pheasant Hunting

Pheasants – $16.00 per released bird (mixed sex).
Hunting dogs (up to two) rental is available at $40 per dog.

Dog Training

Dog training sessions will start in August until October for 2 hour sessions in early morning or late afternoon to beat the heat.
Dog training quail and regular hunt quail is priced $5.00 per bird.
Training minimum of 6 quail/ $30.00 for 1 dog only, 10 quail/ $50.00 2 dogs, 12 quail/ $60.00 3 dogs. Sorry – currently we are out of quail

Please Note:

Minimum bird (Pheasant) release per hunt is 4 during Sept/Oct and 6 bird release during Nov and later.
Minimum bird (Quail) release per hunt is 12.

For questions and reservations please call us.