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Quail will be available by mid-Aug. for preserve hunts or dog training only.

Pheasants will be available for hunts by Sept. Specific dates vary each season, as it reflects the growth rate of the birds. That information will be made available on our phone message sometime during the summer.

We do not sell birds to dog trainers, to train off site, as we do not have the bird volume that you need. We are a “hunting” operation, not a gamebird “farm”. There is a huge difference. For that, you need to buy from a large gamebird farm/hatchery or producer that sells adult birds-chick- eggs, not a hunting operation that sells hunting experiences/opportunities. Too many requests to pick up birds without a permit or license and little knowledge of bird keeping. As there is much more to holding birds on your premises than for dog training use. Most professional dog trainers know this. If you prefer to train at home and not at our licensed preserve for your training needs; we have many other sources for you to contact for your bird supply. 

Thank you for visiting our website and for your cooperation.